How Can We Use 3 Steps Approach for Product Repositioning?

Very recently I have read “The Power of Habit” Book and I’ve definitely loved it. Anyone who wants to build a new habit or wants to change an old habit with a new one should read this book.

There are lots of life experiments showing you how you can change your old habit a new one or even how you can create and build a new habit in order to reach your potential in your personal life.

In the book, there are also some case studies about how some big corporate companies use (Cue-Routine-Reward) habit loop for achieving better results.

You can use this methodology in order to reposition your product and make significant differences but in this case you should not fall into any trap that your product and message are perfect for your target consumers; you need to be realistic and brave enough to address the problem, to analyze about what causes the problem.

Let’s analyze one case study from the Power of Habit Book:

P&G Febreze product:

In the Beginning, Product’s advertising had focused on eliminating bad smells because their target consumers were people who smokes or people who have pets in their home for that reason that product was supposed to be used for preventing odors but from the sales results they realized that something was wrong therefore they wanted to conduct psychological tests, after conducting some surveys, they realized that target consumers who have pets and smoke were used to the odors, they couldn’t distinguish the bad smells therefore they do not necessarily need using Febreze product/ The Power of Habit, pages 52, 53, 54 and 55

According to surveys, they realized that consumers had tended more to use the product as a final touch after cleaning their home or after tidying up their home so they decided to reposition Febreze as a reward, the company printed up new labels, more perfume was added into the recipe. The tagline had been “Gets bad smells out of fabrics”, it was rewritten as “Cleans life’s smells”. Within two months, sales doubled.


After reading the book, I realized that somehow (Encourage-Action-Improve) approach has been a very similar to (Cue-Routine-Reward) habit loop.

My purpose for Confident Enough is to show you how you can reach your personal potential by creating simple 3 Steps system (Encourage-Action-Improve) but I do believe that this approach might also be used in any area of your life in order for creating a customer habit or personal habit for improving lives.

Here is how?


As you see above, besides personal goals, 3 Steps Approach (Encourage-Action-Improve) might also be utilized for improving consumers lives by repositioning products.

The Key is here : Courage.

In order to solve any problem, to address the issue.

What do you think?

I would be glad to hear your opinion, too.

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